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Since 2008, Niralla has been producing its high quality products.

Don’t forget to check out our fresh cakes, sweets and bakery products. Niralla also make mouthwatering, fresh and delicious savoury snacks and curries.  From small towns to distant locations, people travel long distances for the taste of Niralla’s food items. It’s all about the bond that exists between us. To strengthen our bond, we have worked hard for years and we continue to strive for improvement.  The following are some of the key principles we incorporate in our efforts:

  • We offer a vast variety of traditional and seasonal food items such as; Mithai, Jalebi, cakes, desserts, savoury snacks and curries.
  • Each item is freshly prepared and we never keep it for days.
  • We never compromise in quality standards; therefore, our food items are made with fresh ingredients from reputable suppliers.
  • We also prepare custom food items for your celebrations; whether it is a birthday party, a marriage celebration or any other function, you can contact us with any requirement.
  • Good sanative conditions for interior and surroundings of the premises to implement quality standards.
  • Outstanding customer service.

We work with our customers all the time and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.

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Main core of our company is our team


Shazia Mehmood (MD)


Zahid Mehmood (MD)